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The Chemistry Kit is a valuable learning tool for Pri 3 up to Sec 2 students. It begins with the simple exploration of materials to more complex concepts like mass, volume, density, mixtures, solubility, crystallisation, as well as acidity and alkalinity. The user is guided through each of the explorations, with probing questions accompanied with interesting fun facts and real-life applications. 

These specially designed kits adopts the inquiry-based approach to learning Science, an approach that is central to the Singapore science curriculum framework. Research has shown that this approach helps to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in children, skills which are vital for the workplace in the 21st century.

Children learn best through self discovery and meaningful experiences, as they try to make sense of the world around them.The guided explorations are tailored to assist in the understanding of key science concepts in the Singapore science syllabus and are process-oriented to facilitate independent learning. They are written to engage children’s curiosity, to construct meaning in the learning of Science concepts, with the hope that they will develop positive attitudes and a passion for learning Science. 

These kits were designed by experienced science educators, Ms Chiang Wai Leng (Retired Principal) and Ms Alice Aw  (Retired Principal Master Teacher). Both of them have more than 40 years of experience as educators and are very passionate about improving the quality of science education in Singapore.

The "Let's Explore" Kit project is a joint collaboration between Science Centre Singapore and Scienz.net (Expenovate Pte Ltd.